Testing services
Testing Services

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Software testing provides a custodian a service that helps us to understand the quality of software and the service available with the same. It helps its users to decode the risks related to software implementation and provides some quality assurance services to execute a program such that we can find the hidden software bug and fix it. In general, we have an infinite number of software testing services and among them, the most practicable one is chosen which has the minimum time complexity.

Different applications of testing service

Decision Table based testing service

As the name suggests, this type of testing is based on decision tables which are succinct representations of explicit actions performed. These are algorithms providing information as decision trees or in a programming language as if-then-else or switch-case statements. A completely developed table, based on the input data sorts the output data. It provides pellucid information that simplifies the logic and puts forward the best software quality assurance.

Cloud-Based testing service

The most doable cloud computing helps in data storage and computing power without the direct intervention of the user. Cloud testing service is on-demand on a small scale as well as limited firms because of its cost-effective testing procedure. Its foundation is cloud computing and gives a deep-rooted advantage compared to other traditional techniques. Requirement analysis is done to create a test plan which helps to develop the user scenario providing the test case creation. The test is then executed, automated, evaluated and bug fixed to check the quality assurance.

Big Data testing service

The field of Big Data deals with data sets that are too complex which can be dealt with data processing software. Big Data can be expressed as different V’s i.e Volume, Variety, Velocity, Value. Testing Big Data requires specific skills, an in-depth understanding of programming languages, and utilitarian approaches to data science.

Testing Services

What services do the company offer under testing service?

Enkay Tech is a home for different software testing services enabling the users to have a broader perspective about Quality Assurance and Testing. They furnish the most celebrated testing services like Decision Table based testing which allows the user to create their own decision table using the raw data, generating an algorithm to execute it and make responses according to the output by reducing the time complexity. Secondly, it provides a Cloud-based testing service which in recent past owing to its high storage capacity and lesser cost used vastly. Last but not the least Big Data testing scheme which is a quintessential part of the modern technologies, which handles and processes the large data sets comfortably.

Why work with the company?

We Enkay Tech, present a crystal clear picture of what we offer and has a sight to help small scale industries, big and small enterprises, start-ups. We provide assistance all day round with cost-effective and lesser time complexity methods. We account for great commitment towards work and can suit our working style with varied industries.

Testing Services

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