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February 2, 2021

You can be sure that the web design agencies on the first page are rather good at natural referencing. But is it enough to make it your creative web design agency? You cannot be sure that the agency is financially strong. However, if you commit to large sums to develop a site, you still have the ambition that this agency goes until the launch of it.

What You Need

You cannot be sure that this web design agency will respond to your call for tenders because the biggest agencies select their clients. Indeed, they are often overwhelmed by project requests but have structural costs which require them to select only large projects.

All this to say that Google’s first page is not enough! Take a look at the site, which will give you all the financial information of a company. No need to buy the full report, the information available free of charge for each agency will allow you to get a real opinion on it. Choosing the creative web design London service is important.

What to Check on the Web Design Agency?

Check that the web design agency has existed for several years. If she files her accounts, make sure her income statement is positive over several years. Similarly, take a look at the balance sheet of the latter and make sure that the company has sufficient fixed assets to hold out for several months or years. Check that the agency does not have too many debts, wherever they can be covered by its availability or its fixed assets.

Why Do All These Checks?

Choosing a web agency means committing to it over several years. This is all the more true if you have planned to entrust him with the management of your SEO strategy or your purchases on AdWords. In addition, some agencies allow themselves to choose the projects for which they wish to apply.

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