Software development
November 28, 2020

The software development process does not have the tool used in illusionism: the magic wand. Currently, you cannot prepare any item that grants powers to transform appear, and disappear things. It is simply a process in which good practice patterns and methods can be identified.

  • The use of them does not guarantee success in development.
  • But if the opposite, that is, its lack of use will produce unsuccessful developments.

At the leading Software development companythe experience obtained with the methodology used, the knowledge of our performance and the qualities of the team allow us to share our experience, expressed as a model of good practices:

Previous planning of interviews, visits and duration of milestones

Interviews with the people who will be using the software should be planned and visited several times a month.

  • Mainly to identify the knowledge that the people who will use the software have.

The type of user who is must be identified: common, advanced, or specialist. In addition to the operating system, they are aware of.

  • This will clarify the ideas quite a bit when developing the project.
  • Knowing the client to satisfy their IT needs is basic in the process.

Do not plan change of operating system for the client only for the software to be developed

In order not to have to take charge of the client’s migration to a new operating system, one must be able to carry out the software development within the user’s “comforts”.

If it inevitably has to be like this, 100% customer training in this new environment has to be assumed and planned.

  • Thus they guarantee success in the implantation.

Use of development tools and consolidated frameworks

As far as possible, do not use outdated development languages ​​or environments. This involves ongoing training by the development team.

You have to be practical and have the necessary knowledge of tools that make life easier at the time of development.

This brings in all team members from development including knowledge of basic products for testing applications, version controls that allow agility in development.

Plan product development based solely on what was agreed with the client

Do not invent functionalities of the product that have not been agreed and that for the client may not be functional. Do not try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to estimate what can help them. If you have not been asked and it has not been agreed, you simply should not do it. If you constantly invest the time to include this type of functionality, it will have two immediate consequences: temporary delays in deliveries and customer disagreement with the requested software.

Look for simplicity in the product

You should be able to develop an accessible product with a clear and simple interface. For this you must be able to ensure that your solution treasures the great principles of simplicity in design: Austerity, Simplicity, Naturalness, Subtlety, Imperfection, Asymmetry. Look for clear references when applying the accessibility of your product. And always keep in mind that you are not the one who will use the software.

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