November 28, 2020

Imagine that you have a business and you hire a website with a modern aesthetic, comfortable to navigate, where you will find all the information about your brand. And you think that will be enough to attract more customers. Because more and more, companies have realized how important it is to have a corporate website that talks about your brand 24 hours a day, every day of the year. As a result, at the click of a button, we can find companies from all over the world doing the same thing as yours, and in browsers, people rarely go past the first page of search results.

So you have to get your company to appear as soon as possible in the eyes of the consumer, that is, to climb to the top positions in Google search results. This is where SEO comes in.

So in this article, we are going to explain the reasons to use a studied SEO strategy in your business in order to achieve an excellent organic positioning in search engines. From the expert Digital strategy agency such services are obtainable.

The advantages of SEO in your digital strategy


  • As indicated before, the main objective of an SEO strategy is the visibility of your brand or business website. The aim is to reach your audience in an effective and simple way so that potential customers are able to connect with your brand quickly.
  • A correct search engine SEO strategy will help Google, the most used search engine, to position your website in the first positions of a search results page. This is achieved with the use of Keywords, or keywords, related to your company. Thus, when a person performs a search and enters a keyword found on your website, Google will place your website among the results.
  • For this reason, you must carefully choose those Keywords that most define the activity to which your company is dedicated or the values ​​of your brand. The success of your SEO strategy will basically depend on that choice, so it should not be done lightly. It is important to adapt keywords to the interests of the company and always thinking about how the consumer searches.
  • For this, there are many free and paid tools that carry out studies of the trend of keywords related to a particular sector or you can observe the analysis of the keywords to which network users respond best.
  • The most used portals for the study of Keywords are,, or, Google’s own, Google Keyword Tool.
  • A list of the keywords that must identify your brand will be made and we will create an SEO campaign focused on them so that when any user searches for any of them, your web page appears among the first positions.

Remember that it is very unlikely that a user goes from the first page of results, so we must make every effort to appear on it and as high as possible and, with the immense amount of web pages that exist on the internet, if your company is not visible, you will not achieve anything.


Having more visibility causes your website visits to increase since if it appears in the first positions of a Google search it is very likely that a user enters your company’s website. So a good positioning translates into a rapid and constant increase in traffic on your website, something very important if you want to sell.

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