October 30, 2020

If anyone understands what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, you’ll completely relate to what I’m about to say. If not, you may learn a few things.

And what I’d prefer to do is to be real and talk about the good and the bad things that happened to my company.

So, let’s get real here.

When I fell into entrepreneurship, I felt like I was finally at the top of the world because I became my own boss. I knew what I had to do. I created my own resources and I was ready to attack any problem I faced, but that was somewhat true. My first devastating experience came from someone close to me, someone I thought I could trust and this person has been with me since the beginning. Without getting too much into the details, this was a trusted and valued person I had dedicated a lot of support and personal investment in. Unfortunately, this person’s own agenda trumped the company’s. He decided to do some things behind my back and lied to me, and this is because my company structure was not built in a way that provides me with an opportunity to manage, secure, and back up my company’s data remotely,

I was heartbroken, shocked, and truly sick to my stomach. I never saw it coming. However, the end result was a valuable lesson about how sometimes another’s agenda isn’t in line with mine or my company’s. It also made me realize one awful experience does not outweigh the many positives that can be achieved.

Then, I made the decision to fight through this tough time and continue to succeed. I promised myself to protect my company from all negativity. In fact, I wanted to use any negativity as a motivation to work harder, inspire others, and never allow one person to affect the company’s ultimate goal which is a success.

So this is how I came in contact with this website:; Enkaytech  as a professional IT company then introduced me to CLOUD BASE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT; And this is where I started seeing an amazing and beautiful side of running a company

Well… let me start out by defining a cloud base development project;

“The cloud” is a metaphor for the internet. Therefore, cloud-based storage simply refers to storing and accessing data over the internet rather than through the use of local servers. Cloud-based storage services store your digital information in a secure data center that you can then access at will through an internet connection.

A basic cloud-based storage system is like a filing cabinet. I can put all of my relevant project information into it, and even sort it by folders, but that’s about the extent of what it can do. With cloud-based storage in project management software, I still get all of the benefits of storing my data online and also get so much more.

By adopting cloud-based project management software, I was able to create one centralized knowledge center that can easily be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time, as long as they have the right security access and an internet connection and this works perfectly well for my business.

When it comes to security, with this powerful integration in the cloud space, I don’t have to worry about routine backups, toggling files between different devices or data syncing. Attachments remain stored in the cloud storage account, which means they don’t take up any storage space on my computer or laptop. And then I never lost any file, even if my computer crashes or is stolen. Some companies are still hesitant to use cloud-based solutions due to security concerns. Fortunately, these concerns tend to be unfounded. In fact, cloud-based software tends to be more secure than having the software installed in hundreds of computers.

In my experience so far by adopting the cloud-software, the vendor can stay up-to-date on industry changes and new security risks more easily, having a cloud-based storage solution means that your cloud service provider (CSP) can routinely plan for vulnerabilities, test for weaknesses, and remotely back up your organization’s data.

An added bonus is that cloud-based storage has reduced some of my other business operating costs. For example, on-site servers can take up a significant amount of space and consume a lot of energy for their power and cooling systems. By eliminating servers, I have drastically reduced my electricity costs and even potentially move to a smaller and more affordable office location. The paper presents the possibility of using cloud computing in project management. I can now see that Cloud computing is the most rapidly growing field of IT and is used in many areas of business activity. Modern companies and organizations carry out many activities in the form of projects. A case study of two projects using cloud computing shows that it is possible and can be a successful use of cloud computing in project management. The first project involved the transfer of ERP system in an international enterprise, and the other, a smaller one, involved the implementation of technical documentation in railway station reconstruction. The scope of the projects was different and the using of cloud computing was different. The Finished projects I got to testify to the fact that the project needs may impinge on the different ways to use cloud computing. And that the projects can be successful

I will not forget to mention that enkaytech being a very good cloud-based storage provider offered my company a first-rate security system, using highly secure data centers and servers with built-in disaster recovery and continual back-ups. With these features, I am so confident that my company’s data is not only secure but also easily recoverable in the event of a cyberattack, natural disaster, or another emergency.

In addition, storing data in the cloud has also provided me with a greater level of flexibility and scalability because when I decided to invest in the project management system. The company actually kept the old system running while configuring and launching the new system.

So in conclusion; if you’re still using on-premise project management software, or are looking for a project management tool for the first time, be sure to explore the advantages of a cloud-based project management solution just like I did because it will definitely pay off.

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