Software Development (Dev) and Information Technology operations (Ops) join together to form DevOps. This helps to cut down the time for DevOps development services and assures a quality check of the software. This concept was developed to create cultural collaborations between teams. DevOps Consulting and Development Services promise to provide benefits like faster resolving of critical issues, management, and smoother purchase of software. While talking about DevOps we can also look into Azure DevOps. They can be referred to as two types firstly Azure DevOps Servers where a software collaborates with Software Development Services and secondly Azure DevOps Services where cloud service comes handy in Software Development Services.

What are the types of DevOps practices?

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration or CI is a software developing technique where DevOps Consulting Company constructs code which is merged into a master code to run a few tests. It is the integration stage to release software which includes two components- an automation component and a cultural component. Their main job is to reduce the time to release new software, quickly find the bugs, and improve quality check.

Continuous Delivery

This practice allows automatic built and tests for code changes to release new software. The DevOps team executes the code and then tests are performed on it. This expands on continuous integration and finally, the acceptance test is performed. Now with continuous deployment, we proceed towards the release of new software. This can be either fully automatic or can be done manually by following a few steps.

Continuous Deployment

This practice differs from Continuous Delivery in the sense that it is automatic. DevOps team executes and tests codes for continuous integration and with continuous deployment, new software are released without any consultation from DevOps development company.


What does Enkay Tech offer in DevOps practices?

Similar to other DevOps development companies they also practice the few known methods. Starting up we serve Continuous Integration as quickly as possible to notch up the production of new software. This proves to be very cost-effective. We ace the art of Continuous Delivery and Deployment. We provide you with both the manual and automatic way to execute the codes and perform different tests on them to make sure they are ready to undergo the acceptance test. We provide you with different DevOps tools such as Slack, Jenkins, Docker, Phantom, Nagios, etc which makes our job way easier. Other than the above methods they also offer Version Control for all Production Artifacts, Automated Acceptance Testing, Peer Review of Production Changes, etc.

What can you expect while working with Enkay Tech?

We provide you with hardworking professionals. We help you to fulfill your dream of start-ups and business related to creativity, IT services, software testing, quality check. We will offer you complete digitalization to cut down the cost. We know the value of time and work systematically to achieve our target as quickly as possible.


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