Automation- Changing the Dimensions of Traditional Business?

It is a technology which uses control systems to perform various process with minimal human aid. It works equally well in household process as well as large scale industries. The control system can start from a scratch by using on-off buttons to multiple level algorithms. Simplest kinds of automation are loops – open loop and closed loop. In an open loop the process value is predefined at a particular point and according to that the signals are checked for some error, which if occurs result in change of input value. Closed loops deal mostly with undesirable feedback.

How has business seen the application of the different types of Automations?

Automation like other technologies in the business domain has been perceived and applied differently in different areas of businesses.

Fixed Automation

Here, the operations to be processed are arranged sequentially by equipment configuration. This type of sequence processing is simple. Combining such sequences results in a complex system. To achieve this type of sequencing we need large production units and thus the setup cost increases. They are economical in those products having high demand in market.

Programmable Automation

Here, the technology is so designed such that the operating sequence can be changed or altered for the betterment of the product. This is achieved via programming language which is chosen in a such a way that the coder can both compile and interpret. New programs can be introduced to the previous ones to improve the quality of the product. This reduces the setup cost and makes it more flexible. This automation is more suitable for batch making.

Flexible Automation

This is similar to programmable automation. Here new products are produced without losing any time virtually by shifting from process to another. No production time is lost while updating or altering any programs. Although they require a high set up cost for custom engineered products but it compensates well with continuous production line.


What are the services offered in Automation by Enkay Tech?

The company provides basic automation types – fixed automation, programmable automation, and flexible automation. We serve you with brilliant coders to achieve setup and installation quickly. We promise to increase the production line and the consistency of the product. The goal is to minimize the workload of labours and cut down extra expenses by operating the processes sequentially. We offer services in harsh weather conditions and radioactive areas that are beyond human capabilities.

What should you expect while working with Enkay Tech?

We provide a team of experienced and dedicated Engineers. We master the art of coding in different languages. We work with new edge technologies and digital media. For us, determination and passion are the keys to success. We try to find ways to balance our workload cost-effectively and have a quality check at the same time. The helpdesk is always open for any technological assistance. Our trusted professionals will put everything to ensure that your business runs smoothly and effectively.


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