Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Machines having Human like Intelligence!! Dream Come True?

Artificial Intelligence is the technology of the hour. AI is the technology that has a visionary approach towards transforming the way Information Technology is perceived in different Business Domains. Simply put, Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI, is the intelligence that is not naturally present within machines or even softwares but are artificially created using high level programming languages to work just like the human intelligence.

What are the best technologies offered within Artificial Intelligence?

AI development is a vast domain that offers a host of different technologies which influence operation of organizations and commercial initiatives. The most popular technologies in the business domain today are:

Hardware with Integrated AI

Artificial Intelligence has progressed from transforming normal appliances to smart appliances . These smart appliances use artificial intelligence to analyse data on its own and offers smart synchronization with user input as well as other devices. This is carried out by integrating microchips and Graphic Processing Unit(GPU’s) to give the appliances a smart makeover. The result is a vast user-oriented experience both in businesses, enabling the machines to understand user requirements with chatbot developments and acting likewise.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning platforms

One of the most growing and hottest technologies under Artificial Intelligence Development is the Machine Learning and subsequent Deep Learning Platforms that originate from it. The aim of Machine Learning is to develop machine intelligence to such a extent, that machines start learning based on the patterns of output or input without being specifically programmed to identify such patterns. Deep Learning is a more specific technology of identifying and working with such data patterns. This enables businesses to easily recognize data patterns and computers arrive upon smart decisions to serve the customers.

Decision Management

Taking the appropriate decisions in different crucial steps is vital to the sound functioning of businesses. Often, It is observed that traditional decision making systems are flawed and rigid. Moreover the stress associated with manual decision making processes lead to fatal errors. AI has revolutionized business decision making, with Decision Management Systems that use algorithms, databases, and smart technologies to take decisions, as well as interacting with customers and understanding their needs to take the appropriate decisions. This not just reduces the hassles of decision-making when handling big data, and excellent data analytics make the process much less error-prone.

Artificial Intelligence

What services do Enkay Tech offer concerning Artificial Intelligence?

A host of services are offered by Enkay Tech collectively under Artificial Intelligence such as:

  • Decision Management Systems
  • Deep Learning Platforms
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Azure Bot service

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Artificial Intelligence

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